What to Do if you’re in Moisture Overload

What to Do if you’re in Moisture Overload

Hair that’s suffering from moisture overload can become frizzy, limp, and struggle to hold your curls. Moisture overload can, however, be fixed. Our ultimate guide gives you guidance on whether your hair has too much moisture, and how you can address it if you do.


If you’re in moisture overload, this means that you have moisturised your hair too much, without providing the necessary proteins to give the hair structure. You have lost your protein moisture balance.

Hair in moisture overload will have some distinctive symptoms:

  • If you pull one strand of hair it will stretch and stretch without bouncing back, and eventually fall apart and tear
  • The hair will feel mushy, limp and excessively soft
  • Your curls will struggle to hold their shape, they will have little definition and tend to fall flatter than normal
  • You will have more frizz than normal, a fluffy, soft type of frizz
  • Your hair will feel weighed down, as if you applied too much product

Hair displaying these signs most likely has a protein moisture imbalance. With the correct products this can be fixed, and you can go back to having luscious locks!


When our hair has too much moisture, we should focus on providing it the necessary proteins to retain proper structure. This can be done in just a few simple steps.

To restore your hair balance, you should first clarify your curly hair and scalp using our Wash & Scrub Detox Pro-Biotic. This will help to ‘reset’ your hair by melting away build up, as well as creating the perfect environment for your hair follicles.

After clarifying, you should begin to repair your hair by doing a strengthening treatment. Our Bond Curl Rehab Salve formulated for this purpose. Leave on the hair for at least 30min to reap all its benefits of strengthening from the inside and protecting the hair from future damage.