Everything you Need to Know About High Porosity Hair

Everything you Need to Know About High Porosity Hair

High porosity hair is the most damaged of all the porosities. Unlike the other two types, the hair cuticles are very open which leads to dryness. When hair becomes too dry, curls can become very prone to damage and require special products to help restore their health. Understanding the right hair care routine for your hair type can be the difference between hair you like and hair you love. We explain the signs to look out for, as well as which products are best for you and your curls.


High porosity hair is characterised by a very open cuticle structure. The cuticles are little scales that cover the outside layer of the hair’s surface, they control how much moisture can penetrate into and leave the hair shaft. In the case of high porosity hair, they are wide open, which means that the moisture can easily reach inside the hair shaft. However, as easily as the moisture sank in it can flow out again, making the hair particularly dry. This can make the hair appear frizzy, and more prone to damage.

High Porosity Hair


Each hair porosity type has its own unique characteristics, knowing how high porosity hair behaves can help you to work out if your hair falls within this category.

  • To test for high porosity hair you can spray some water on a clean, product-free strand, the water will instantly sink into the hair shaft if it is high
  • The hair instantly becomes wet when under the shower
  • The hair dries very quickly
  • Light products don’t moisturise enough
  • There is lots of frizz and the hair tangles very easily
  • The hair takes colour very easily and it can be stained even by semi-permanent dyes

As with all hair types, a different approach is required to rejuvenate and restore your hair to its very best.


When it comes to hair types that are prone to dryness, the main focus with care is ensuring it is given the moisture it needs, and providing strength with proteins to ensure the moisture can stay inside the shaft. Here are our tips for doing just that for high porosity hair.

  • Do your final rinse with cold water to close the cuticles and help maintain moisture
  • Use richer products that provide high levels of moisture
  • Try a multi-step routine by layering several products
  • Seal the moisture in with a serum
  • Use plenty of protein-rich products to help restructure the cuticle layer


To restructure the protein bonds in damaged, high porosity hair, you need to regularly use a bonding treatment such as our Bond Curl Rehab Salve. This miracle in a bottle targets the weakened bonds of the hair, strengthens and repairs to reduce breakage and also protects hair from future damage.

Additionally when it comes to caring for high porosity hair, it is essential to infuse it with moisture. You want to use sealing products that prevent water from leaving the hair shaft. Using the liquid, oil, cream method is a great way to do this. This involves hydrating the hair with water, sealing it in with an oil, and then smoothing the cuticles with a cream. Now that sounds like a lot of steps to reach gorgeous hair, which is why we combined the three into one product with our Oil-in-Cream leave in conditioner. Smooth onto wet hair, and you’ll be left with non-greasy, non-crunchy luscious curls.

If your hair needs more, you can get an additional protein boost from our two versatile stylers, Feather-light protein cream and Bouncy Strength Volume Foam.

To finish it all off, once the hair is completely dry you can seal the moisture in with our Intense Treatment Serum. Use just a pea-size amount melted in your hands to lock moisture in.


High porosity hair has the loosest cuticles of all the hair types. It allows moisture in and out of the hair shaft very easily, which often causes it to become dry. Low porosity hair suffers the opposite issue. Whilst it can be difficult to get moisture into the tightly packed cuticles of this type, once it’s in there it becomes difficult for it to leave. Medium porosity hair sits in between these two types. Its cuticles are looser than low porosity, but tighter than high porosity. This in-between means that moisture can more easily move into the hair and leaves at a slower rate.

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