What is Co-Wash?

What is Co-Wash?

Co-washing is a hot topic in the curly hair world. But what is a co-wash, and what can it do for your curls? It has so many benefits to help you achieve the healthiest hair possible. So we’ve got all the details you need on this incredible cleanser so you can start taking full advantage of your locks!

A co-wash is a conditioner that has a small amount of cleansing ingredients. It is used instead of a regular shampoo. This product is ideal for those with wavy, coily, and curly hair.

The Benefits of Co-Washing

Using a regular shampoo on naturally curly or textured hair is not a good idea. Lots of shampoos use sulfates and other foaming chemicals which can be stripping to the hair. The coils in curly hair prevent the scalp’s natural oils moving down the hair shaft and hydrating the strands. This leaves the hair dry and prone to breakage. That’s why it’s so important to wash hair in a gentle way that cares for the hair, and still removes dirt and build up.

Co-washing helps add much needed moisture to your locks, this can tackle frizz and all the hassle that comes along with it! When your hair is properly hydrated it can reduce breakage, be easier to style, have more shine and so much more!

How to use Co-Wash

Co-washing hair is very simple. Start by applying a generous blog of our Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash onto wet hair. Spend time massaging this onto your scalp and smooth the product through your lengths. You’ll notice it’s foamless, so don’t worry, it’s working, just without the foam! Leave on the hair for three minutes before rinsing out and reveal silky smooth, detangled curls..

How Often to Cowash Hair

How Often Should You Co Wash Hair?

You can co-wash as often as you like, whether that’s two times a week, or everyday. Whilst co-washing is great for your hair, we do recommend using a clarifying shampoo occasionally to make sure any build-up is removed. This keeps your scalp in best condition and encourages happy follicles for better hair growth.

Curlsmith’s Co-Wash

Conditioning Cowash

Our co-wash is formulated to melt away dirt, whilst keeping hair soft and hydrated. It won’t strip your locks of their natural oils and being extremely gentle means you can use it everyday if needed. Unlike regular shampoos, as this is sulfate free it won’t lather - but don’t worry it’s still working it’s cleaning magic!

We use ingredients in our co-wash like avocado and shea butter to moisturise, smooth, and detangle the hair.

This product is especially good if you find you’re in a hurry as it’s not essential to use another conditioning product after. If you do have the time and have dry and thirsty hair, we recommend using a deep conditioner or hair mask from time to time as an extra hydrating treat for your hair!

About Curlsmith

We are a premium haircare brand, creating curl loving products, inspired by traditional kitchen recipes. We combine these kitchen staples with yummy natural ingredients to help you get the best out of your curly hair! We created our range with trichologists and curly hair stylists, ensuring our products work to fix curly problems. We’re proud to say we’re cruelty free and vegan too.